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CoMentis, Inc. is focused on the research and development of small molecule drugs to treat CNS disorders. The company, with headquarters in South San Francisco, was founded based on the groundbreaking discoveries on structure, function, and inhibition of the beta-secretase enzyme by Jordan Tang, Ph.D., J.G. Puterbaugh Chair in Biomedical Research at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and Arun K. Ghosh, Ph.D., Ian P. Rothwell Distinguished Professor - Organic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry at Purdue University.

CoMentis is developing an orally administered disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer's disease that inhibits the beta-secretase enzyme to reduce the formation of beta amyloid peptides, thereby preventing deleterious effects of accumulated amyloid peptides and downstream pathologies.  Beta amyloid peptides aggregate to form soluble polymers and insoluble plaques in the brain, implicated in the development of Alzheimer's disease.  Inhibition of beta-secretase reduces amyloid beta production and could block the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

CoMentis is currently pursuing the development of beta-secretase inhibitor drugs in partnership with Astellas Pharma, Inc., under terms of an exclusive worldwide collaboration agreement initiated in 2008.